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We are family

Each member of our family are involved in the making of Pushacar and we all have a critical job in making the company run smoothly.  


Photographed here is our tester of products. Holly, err, pushes the technology in the Pushacar to the absolute limit to ensure you get the strongest product possible - hand-tested by one of our engineers. 


Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the man. The head of the company and chief designer (with help from the great folk at Duku Design). He is a stickler for perfection, guarenteeing you get only the best out of our product.  


In this photgraph, we have our head of marketing and sales manager, along with the two dogs that make up our family. Jackie is a dog-walking fanatic, and she and the tester of products are out and about constantly, and are asking people for their opinion of the Pushacar, ensuring that the product you buy is tried and tested over and over again by people like you.   


Here is our website manager. Joe is the Guru of web designing, always making efforts to add new ideas to the Pushacar site, and is always keeping you updated with exactly what is going on involving the Pushacar. 

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